Sundry Ruminations

Find a quiet place; use a humble pen.

Paul Simon

Welcome to the space where I endeavour to invigorate my alternative sentiments. This section deals with all my psychic sentiments that manifested into words. You’re most welcome to take a dive & soak in the deliberations.

PS: The language of writing is mentioned in the bracket in the excerpt.

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Happy Diwali

*Not a poem*
May all get enlightened with the celestial phosphorescence created by all the lights and lift us out of our cognitive scarcity.


Hope is everything one should live for. But it also requires focus. The focus comes from the mental state, chemical stimulations of several hormonal juices.

My “Haiku”, everyday

Allow me to take you through my “Haiku” journey, since Oct 13, 2020. [Invented in Japan, “Haiku” is a short poetry format with 17 syllables, in 3 lines of 5, 7, and 5.]

Twenty twenty

A landmark black period in the evolving human history and civilisation.

Allow and Rise

Let’s open up. You are more than you “think” you are. You need to rise from the ashes.

What is right?

Alienation of the modern individual from humanity’s natural impulse to compassion.


A good life was lost due to suicide. It’s never a solution. Come let’s talk about your problems. Lot’s at stake.


Moving on is easier said than done.


Are we really free today? What does freedom mean to you?

3rd Group-versary

On completing 3rd month for our Cotton HS WhatsApp group. Incidentally also my first anything in Assamese. (Assamese)


A collection of PJ compositions. (Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, English)

Instagram Haiku & Quotes (@deviatingvibes)

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